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How to “Rig” a Union Election

April 11, 2010

Local 600 President Steven Poster used his position as a National Officer to illegally remove the dissolution vote oversight from the NEB-appointed Election Committee.

The Election Committee is the only NEB-authorized committee charged with election oversight. The National President has NO authority exceeding the National Executive Board. Steven Poster knowingly exceeded his authority for political advantage.

Poster assigned that dissolution vote oversight to Local 600 staff. Instead of an impartial committee of members, authorized by the NEB to oversee the election and any issues that might arise, Poster tasked Local 600 employees directly under his partisan supervision with dissolution vote oversight.

Union leadership then used that control for unfair election advantage. They independently choose to use green-colored ballots to tie-in with their dissolution campaign slogan, “vote yes on the green-ballot measure.”

The issue thus became the “green-ballot measure” (i.e., “ecological”) and no longer a ballot about the dissolution of Local 600’s corporate status. A “green-ballot measure” would be more easily “sold” to their uninformed Local 600 membership electorate.   

The color green means “go” and the very word “green” itself, in today’s politically correct “speak”, is a positive term meaning, “ecologically and socially responsible.”

Members will simply be told to “vote yes on the green-ballot measure” — with absolutely no mention of dissolution. Members are being conned by their own corrupt leadership.

“Dissolution? What dissolution? Vote Yes On The Green-Ballot Measure!”

This is a clear and deliberate attempt by Local 600 to intentionally deceive uninformed members and “steer” the vote towards union leadership’s desired outcome.

Union leadership has made a purposeful effort to present its members NO other information or facts about dissolution – only a demand for compliance.

It’s fraud.

The dissolution vote should be overseen by an impartial Election Committee, and not by partisan individuals using their positions in an attempt to influence an election outcome.

All Local 600 election ballots should be identical, other than the information and instructions printed on them.



Written by Bill Roberts

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