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State of Our Union – 2010

April 11, 2010

It’s important to take stock of the State of Our Union in 2010 under the current Steven Poster administration.  The age-old question arises:  “Are YOU better off now than four years ago – when President Poster assumed the leadership of the International Cinematographers Guild after leading the successful drive to run his predecessor out of office?”

Do you have enough work to support yourself and your family?

Do you qualify for Health Benefits coverage for yourself and your family?

Are you prepared to meet the increased Health Benefit qualification hours when they go into effect in a year-and-a-half (the 33% increase from 300 to 400 hours needed every six months)?

Do you have any idea how our union’s current elected leadership and staff is spending YOUR money?

Are you even aware of the aggressive movement to dissolve Local 600 as a 57-year corporation in the State of California?  Do you know what this will mean, and why what is known as ‘dissolution’ is being attempted and advocated by the elected leadership?

Why do Steven Poster, National Executive Director Bruce Doering, and a large majority of the National Executive Board want YOU to approve Local 600’s dissolution and authorize it’s reformation as a Non-Profit Association?

Did you know that it is up to YOU to agree to dissolve Local 600 as a corporation?  What happens if you should approve our dissolution?  Is it even necessary?

What alternative to dissolution was considered, and how seriously?  Why did YOUR leadership wait three months to even mention this serious action?  What don’t they want you to know?

Over the next few weeks, I, along with several other dedicated union Brothers and Sisters, will be offering you alternative viewpoints to the status quo that Steven Poster and his slate of elitist members will bombard you with as they vie for your re-election votes.

You will have an opportunity to learn what events over the last decade have to do with your career, well-being and livelihood today.

Pay attention, learn about the current management of your union (and to whose benefit), and then make an informed decision when you vote in the coming election.


Scott Kaye
Candidate – National 2nd Vice President
Candidate – NEB, Operator, Western Region