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Whose Union Is It? Think About It – It’s The Main Question

April 16, 2010

Consider this: In all of Local 600’s publications: Camera Angles, ICG Magazine, the website, there is scant to zero opportunity for members’ “letters to the editor”, or for any varying points of view. It’s a One Party Line. Check it out: for instance, in the most recent Camera Angles, regarding the so called “Green Ballot Measure”, YOU ARE TOLD TO “Vote YES!”… Should your union be telling you how to vote – on anything? Have you seen or heard or been given a balanced view (as in both sides of the issue) from your union?: NO and NO.

Ask yourself why that is. What is it that they (our current “leaders” such as Mr. Poster, Mr.Gitlin, and Mr. Doering) do not want you to hear? What is it that they do not want you to think about or fully understand?

A real labor union is one in which the members come first – where honest and open debate is encouraged, both in regular meetings (consider: we have only one membership meeting per year!) and in all of our publications – most especially in the publication that is supposed to be our newsletter: “Camera Angles”

The last time there was a lively debate in our newsletter was the fall of 2005 – after the IA Convention in Honolulu. All points of view were published and it was wonderful – one of Local 600’s finest moments. Of course, that was brought to you by a progressive leadership who’ve since been removed from office, some unceremoniously ousted via kangaroo court, others drummed out, and others – although a few of us still sit on the board – have been digitized out of sight – you will not see us or read about us in Local 600 publications – at least not under this regime. Oh, and by the way, we are not allowed to fully participate in the governance of the union – we are effectively marginalized. I’ll be writing more about that in my next blog article.

Sadly, the general philosophy around the Local 600 executive board is to leave it up to a handful of our officers and staff to decide everything: “Hey, they’re good guys – just trust them.” Now, even if, let’s say, that they are all good guys, should the fate of an entire labor union be left up to a small, ensconced cabal of people?

Local 600 bears scant resemblance to a real labor union. A former employee (who will go unnamed) said it is an exclusive club benefitting the few at the top.

I will be posting brief articles in the next few weeks about:

  • *The corruption of the Local 600 committee system and how (with the exception of the Training Committee) it’s rigged and doesn’t’ work for the benefit of the members.
  • *The demise of the Diversity Committee and why that’s not a good thing – for any of us.
  • *Why I voted against the recent Constitution and By Laws Amendment which further limits who can run for office in our union.

I am sincerely asking for your vote so that I can continue to serve on the NEB and represent you at the IA Conventions.

In Solidarity for a real labor union,

Kristin Glover

NEB member, IA Convention Delegate,

Founder and Former National Chair of the Local 600 Diversity Committee