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The Color of Money AKA “Green” Ballot Measure

April 17, 2010

We Are a Union – AND a Corporation, For 57 Years!

What’s “GREEN” about this ballot referendum? MONEY, because that’s what it’s really about.

Your union’s current leaders are not giving you the complete picture regarding their push to dissolve Local 600’s 57-year legal status as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of California.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Why did Steven Poster and the National Executive Board that rubber‑stamped this move to eliminate our legal protections – guaranteed since 1953 by California law – refuse to allow any counter-arguments in your ballot, on the Guild’s website, or in Camera Angles?  What are they hiding, and what are they afraid of?

They’ve told you that this change will “Enable the union to respond more quickly to members’ needs.”  They’ve neglected to tell you just how the union will do this.  While this sounds good, no one knows what it even means.

They say it will bring us in line with the majority of other entertainment unions.  If it were even true, so what?  So, the Art Directors gave up their legal rights?  Why should we?  Plenty of unions are still incorporated.    

 Here’s a real laugher:  “Allow us to cut costs, increase efficiency and more quickly hold meetings by audio/video communications.”  Cut costs?  Who are they kidding?  Did you know that the officers that are telling you this have spent – to date – in the neighborhood of $1,200,000 OF YOUR MONEY on a new computer system that is not even finished yet?  That’s right, 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS OF YOUR MONEY ON A NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM designed to squeeze every drop of revenue out of your pocket.  That’s about $200 per member, during the worst economy in more than 75 years!

They don’t want to cut costs.  If they did, they wouldn’t have ROUTINELY spent $2500-2900 on FIRST CLASS AIRFARES, hundreds of dollars on four-star hotels, and fancy meals like $200 sushi dinners.  That’s right, ALL ON YOUR DIME.

Increase efficiency?  Sounds good, but they’ve neglected to tell you just HOW they’ll “increase efficiency” if you voluntarily give up our corporate status.

Save money?  Like the $500,000 DEFICIT that ICG Magazine is running annually?  That $80 subscription that you pay for every year, whether you like it or not?

The NEB “studied this issue extensively?” Are they referring to the two telephone conference calls, neither of which was attended by the same, small handful of board members?

In each case of non-compliance with California law, Local 600’s legal counsel has recommended corporate dissolution instead of simply amending our union’s government to comply with California law, as required since 1953 and again since the 1996 merger.

What’s “GREEN” about this ballot referendum is MONEY, plain and simple.  YOUR MONEY.  The leadership spends your money, and they don’t want anyone to know about how they do it.

For the last 57 years, EVERY BOARD MEMBER has had the LEGAL RIGHT to inspect the books, records and receipts of the Guild FOR ANY REASON, and to make copies, too.  Members’ right to unrestricted oversight will disappear IF you mark “YES” on the MONEY BALLOT.  Our $10 Million-plus annual union operation will become opaque forever.  That’s right, NO TRANSPARENCY.


MARK A BIG “NO WAY” ON THE MONEY, er, ‘Green’ Ballot Referendum.

Send the message that our corporate status isn’t broken, and doesn’t need the kind of remedy that takes away our legally-guaranteed protections.



For more information, visit:  www.vote4marc.com/corporation-or-association

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