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Second Class Members

April 18, 2010

For all the underemployed dues-paying members of our Local, be you disabled, victim of work stoppages due to strikes by other guilds, runaway production drying up work in your region, industry slowdown due to the Republican Recession, or retired with 30+ years in the business, your elected union leadership has a message for you:

Screw you.

In the words of Local 600 representatives, you have no “stake in the Industry.” You have “no vested interest,” and only “actively working” members should hold elected union office.

They will, however, continue to accept your dues, thank you very much.

The leadership of IATSE and Local 600 advocated and helped pass an amendment to the IA Constitution such that no one with less than 120 days employment in a three-year period is eligible for elected office.

Current elected officials without the requisite work days will be allowed to continue their terms AND RUN AGAIN.     So much for the argument that lack of work days nullifies one’s” stake” and value to the Local.

And like the little dog nipping at your heels while the bulldog bites your head off, your NEB passed a complementary amendment to the Local 600 Constitution and ByLaws.

What is going on here?

Is this what an organization whose members refer to each other as “Brother” and “Sister” does to its struggling siblings? It’s older members? Is this what is meant by “Fraternally, Steve Poster?”

“Sorry for your situation, but you have nothing to contribute except your dues.”

Not in my family.


Could it be that underemployed members, disabled members unfairly treated by the Health Plan, retired members with a long institutional memory and no fear of employment retribution, might have a reason to oppose the direction of the Local and strive to gain elected office and change the way business is conducted at Local 600?

Could they be considered a threat to current leadership?

And is THAT the reason for second-class membership in Local 600?

—- Alan Disler – First Camera Assistant —-

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