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Here Are The Questions—Where Are the Answers?

April 20, 2010

Before you mail your ballot ask your Local 600 Officers, Executive Staffers, Business Representatives, and current NEB members these questions:

“What is being done at the height of this Nationwide and Industry-wide recession to cut costs at Local 600? What are their budget comparisons year to year since 2006?”

“What are the travel expenses including first class airfares, luxury lodgings and meals and alcohol for Local 600 staff to fly across the country to conduct workshops when Regional or Local members can conduct that same useful training for the members?”

“Why is it that the Officers and a majority of your NEB recently voted against reducing quarterly dues assessments for those of you earning less than $10,000 annually?”

“Why did the Officers, Staff and a majority of the NEB recently vote down mailing dissenting points of view regarding the Dissolution of your Local as a California Corporation (protecting your assets) when the ballots are sent recommending it? Why do they fear alternative viewpoints at the ballot box?” Democracy this is not.

“When was the last time you read a member’s point of view in Camera Angles that was not political back patting?”  Democracy this is not.   

“Why is it that the leadership at Local 600 said recently during the National live broadcast that ‘we are now being heard by the new president of the IATSE Matt Loeb?” If there was a problem with Tom Short and our relationship with the IA, the Officers and Executive Staff never mentioned this to you.

How was your 2009 work-wise? According to figures released at the Feb 27, 2010 meeting dues assessments are UP last year? Ask them to show you where there was more work? OR perhaps there are more NEW members paying high initiation fees in order to wait for jobs that are slow in coming?

Ask President Poster and National Executive Director Bruce Doering “Why are there more and more camera operating jobs being lost to DPs who ALSO operate?” There is a list printed on a semi-regular basis for the NEB. Ask for a copy. It’s quite lengthy.

Ask about the looming contract provision raising the number of hours to qualify for the Health Plan to 400 hours per 6 months?”

Ask our leaders about the PAC (political slush fund) that doles out thousands of dollars to charities (some worthy) and to political candidates that you may not even support. Remember Governor Gray Davis out in California? Well, Local 600 donated some money to him shortly before his was “terminated by the Governator.”

DO NOT ASK Steven Poster or Bruce Doering why they steadfastly REFUSE to eliminate dues caps for the 50 or so top earners in the Local while others of us are losing our homes, apartments and health care. You may not like their answers.

IF there were space alloted in Camera Angles for “Ask Steven Poster”, “Ask Bruce Doering”, or “Ask your Business Reps”, what would you ask? Your opportunity exists within this blog site.

Above all trust your Union’s leadership and QUESTION AUTHORITY. (Or not)

                          YOUR MONEY   —   YOUR DUES   —  YOUR QUESTIONS

——  Name Withheld