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Vote “NO” On The “Green” Ballot Referendum

April 20, 2010

As a current candidate for the offices of Second National Vice President and National Executive Board Member (representing Western Region Camera Operators), I am sharing with you the following comments that I made “For the Record” (i.e., recorded and verbatim) at the October 2009 National Executive Board meeting.  It was at this meeting that 32 NEB members first moved to dissolve Local 600’s corporate status as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of California.

 In the wake of the email received from Local 600 today, April 19, 2010 (purportedly authored jointly by staff Regional Directors Behm, Kantor and Hilsman), concerning the so-called “Green Ballot” referendum, please note that the official minutes of the October 2009 NEB meeting are online at cameraguild.com, and available for member review.  The following may give you some insight into the actual discussions that took place that day.

From the minutes:

Scott Kaye read for the record.

“I personally find this motion that I’m speaking against [is] bordering on the tragic and that this body is considering dissolving a corporation that was formed 56 years ago and under which we have operated to varying degrees of compliance over the years. As counselor’s letter of September 6, 2007 notes, we are generally in compliance. Clearly in the documentation provided and the tone and tenor of this morning, the drive is to dissolve the corporation as a solution to a problem that has another remedy. The problem is not that we have a corporate form; the problem is that we are not in compliance with California Corporate Law. The alternative is to bring our organization and our Constitution & Bylaws into conformance with the corporate law under which we operate. It’s certainly not apparent in the documentation of September 6, 2007, that that’s considered to be an alternative. The recommendation seems to me, skewed toward dissolving the corporation rather than bringing us into compliance. This goes back 56 years. We’re talking about affecting the rights of the members of this particular body. We stand on the history of 56 years of members of the executive board of this body and its predecessors. We have a heritage and a legacy that we stand on. We’re also affecting the future of the members that will succeed us in this body hopefully for decades to come.

Brother Kaye continued, “In closing, it’s my opinion that this Board should not take this step at this time. With full respect for the amount of work put in previously, as stated by Michael Goi and the amount of time two committees put toward this issue, I think that we owe our predecessors and our future body board members to consider what it would take…. I think it would be more cost effective to simply conform our organization to the law that we do operate under, rather than taking the step of dissolving the [corporation], to reform it as an association. My preference would be to see us analyze what steps we simply need to take to bring our organization into compliance. Thank you.”

 The National Executive Board proceeded to vote to dissolve our corporate status by a margin of 32 in favor of dissolution, 10 opposed (including myself), and 4 abstentions.

I strongly urge you to reject this attempted evisceration of our legally guaranteed rights.  Send the clear message that you want our corporate status to remain intact.  Demand that the NEB amend the few areas where our government does not comply with the laws that govern us.



Scott Kaye

Cadidate for Second National Vice President

NEB, Camera Operator Western Region