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Poster’s Committee System Is Corrupt To The Core

May 4, 2010


As President of Local 600, Poster gets to create the committees, hand picking each individual member.

Since his rise to power, he has removed all progressives from any committee chair positions, and has removed anyone he sees as a potential “threat” to his agenda, from any committee where they might effectively oppose his and Bruce Doering’s and David Adelstein’s plans (David Adelstein is ICG’s legal counsel..

Progressives are relegated to a “lesser” committee, such as the Green Committee. I was put on it and thought, well, I like the idea of a Green Committee, let’s see what we can do, but when we came up with some great ideas to present to the IA Convention, they were stonewalled by Poster/Doering/Adelstein – as potentially “dangerous” to the IA.

So, we did nothing and then, several months later, the IA came out with a Green newsletter.  But we would never want to do anything that might “offend” or “endanger” the IA. No, it’s merely that Poster/Doering/Adelstein will never allow any progressives’ ideas to go forward in 600 – not as long as they are in power. EVEN if they agree with our ideas, they do not want to see us succeed – in anything.

Committee assignments are given as reward and punishment.

With few exceptions, the Training Committee being a stellar exception, committees are not standing committees and meet only 3 times a year at the NEB – always with rotating members – thus never allowing for continuity of purpose or action.  This guarantees that nothing of significance will get done – unless it’s pushed through by Doering/Adelstein/Poster.  Disorganization is the way they want it.  They keep a tight control on things that way. Again, the Training Committee is a standing committee – and in addition to the great leadership of Mark Weingartner and Lewis Rothenberg – that’s an important reason why it functions so well.

Mainly, though, and most importantly, the committees and committee chairs are stacked with board members who will do Poster/Doering/Adelstein’s bidding. Granted, some of these people may be well meaning, but they are too easily swayed by the shuck and jive served up by Doering and Adelstein – apparently believing that anything they say is Gospel – thus we now have the “committee approved” Green Ballot.

Even if you are passionate to serve on a committee – such as I have been to serve on the Diversity Committee which I founded in 2004 – I am no longer allowed to even sit on the committee – because I dared to oppose Doering/Poster/Steptoe on an issue I felt was of crucial importance. I wouldn’t stand down and so was removed from the committee. Off with her head – yes, it’s really like Alice in Wonderland – only not as much fun. THAT is what happens to anyone on the Local 600 NEB who dares to express another point of view – or to passionately stand for what they believe.

Poster may claim that he stands for Openness – but that’s a lie – pure and simple.

In essence, our NEB rules through committee. Committees are ruled by Poster/Doering/Adelstein. Anyone who believes it is democratic is either soft in the head or asleep at the switch – or both.

Kristin Glover
NEB member
Founder and 1st National Chair, Diversity Committee
IA Delegate (5 conventions)