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Doug Hart Responds To Claims by electstevenposter.com

May 5, 2010

On April 27, 2010, I read the following statements that were posted on electstevenposter.com, the website of president and candidate Steven Poster during this election campaign. It is time to set the record straight.

The bold italic text was posted on ElectStevenPoster.com.

The indented text contains  commentary by Doug Hart.

Who We Are, What We Stand For, and Why


· This Administration has held more Craft Meetings than any administration of Local 600, ever! We do that so that we can spend the time we need to get down to the real issues that our members need to see addressed.

Yes, but these Craft Meetings were ALL scheduled DURING the 2007 election, during the period between the mailing out of the ballots and the ballot return deadline. The meetings “conveniently” served as a campaigning opportunity for Poster & Gitlin, AT THE LOCAL’S EXPENSE. Other candidates were specifically excluded from these meetings. Once the election was over, Poster lost interest in Craft Meetings.

·This Administration initiated the Weekly Email Newsletter, to keep you current on events within Local 600, and events in the Industry and Political World that may affect you.

Yes, with ONLY Poster’s opinion. No opposition position was allowed (same as the policy for ALL ICG publications and website — only Poster’s opinion gets published). How is that of any benefit to the members? It’s like Poster’s referendum position being sent out wrapped around the “green ballot,” without any opposition information (until the members demanded it, and then we only got Poster’s opinion of what the opposition position is). No one asked any of the opposition spokespeople to prepare an explanation of their opposition, to be sent out to the members. That would have been useful to the members, and the fair way to do it. But Poster is terrified by a fair election by an informed Membership, above all else.

·National Officers meet with Members at Training Sessions across the Country!

Yes, at tremendous cost to the members, Tens of thousands of Members’ dollars wasted, and for no good reason and no real benefit to the members. This is discussed further in “Doug Hart’s Independent Audit Report” available on the ViewfinderRedux.com blog site.


·In the past year we have held 27 hands-on training events across the Country – No previous Local 600 Administration or other IA Local does that

No other craft has had the recent technological changes that require such training. So the Local doing its JOB, and providing Training for members, is not really something for Poster to brag about. Besides, Poster makes it sound like he did all this himself. There is a large and eager National Training Committee that did the work — why is Poster stealing the credit?

Could it be because there is NOTHING else good about the current situation we find ourselves in? Work is down nationwide, the economy is down nationwide, the health plan qualifying hours are up, the pension plan is in trouble — Training is the only thing going on for ANYONE in ICG 600 to be proud of, but it shouldn’t be a campaign issue. Don’t politicize training, and don’t fall for it when Poster does.

·We are currently Training in 3D, Data Management and other cutting-edge technology that translates to jobs for Members!

Good. But again, the National Training Committee did the work. This is the same issue as the one above, not two separate issues. Apparently, Poster desperately needs something positive to brag about, while most members suffer, so he duplicated his claims.

Service to the Members

·In the past year we have won over $300,000 in grievance settlements for our members!

I already answered this in a previous article. Briefly, what this really means is that Local 600 probably allowed the Producers to steal double that amount from our members and only got back half of that for our members, years later after expensive grievance hearings. This is nothing to be proud of.

If Poster’s / Doering’s staff had been more diligent visiting sets, checking with members on jobs, and solving problems DURING production — not years later — members would have been paid what they actually earned. What good is a contract, if it is not enforced until a grievance hearing?

·We created the Health Care Task Force to make it easier for you to make your benefit hours – No other IA Local does that!

We are still waiting for some statistics about how this politically motivated and overhyped plan has helped even a single member stay on the Health Plan. Local 600 has thousands of members and their dependents who have already lost health insurance — and it is only going to get worse as many more members and their dependents will be unable to get the 400 hours needed for coverage thanks to Poster’s last contract (actually, Poster wasn’t AT the negotiations — he was in Canada working on a Runaway Production).

That is Poster’s true legacy to the ICG members — Poster, Doering, and their friends on the NEB helped the IATSE and the AMPTP gut our Health Plan. Why isn’t he bragging about that? He brags about “improved relations with the IATSE,” but all he has to show for that is one lousy contract after another: a Health Plan MUCH more difficult to qualify for and a Pension Plan that is now “endangered” for the first time ever.

·This is our record of achievement. We stand on our record. We have not accomplished everything we would like to accomplish yet, that’s why our campaign is called: Continue the Progress

PROGRESS?!?!? What Progress???

Douglas C. Hart

NEB Eastern Region, 1st Camera Assistant
(Member, 35 years; Elected Officer or Board Member, 31 years)
Candidate for re-election to NEB and IATSE Convention Delegate