Be Aware!

May 7, 2010

A new ethical low — desperate and extreme in it’s Karl Rove like approach — has been reached in the appeal to our members to vote against their best self-interests by dissolving Local 600’s California Non-Profit Corporate status.

The flyers and emails provided by Steven Poster cynically fail to provide you with all of the information that you, as members, should have been provided either at a meeting* or in printed materials.

* Brother Steven Poster only allowed approximately 25 minutes for Old and New Business at the recent Annual National Membership meeting, preventing members from bringing issues forward for discussion.

To make an informed vote, you need to know exactly what legal protections members currently have under the Corporations Code versus what they would have as members of an Unincorporated Association.   


The single-sided document covering the “Green Ballot” (even the color seems a calculated deceit: “if it’s green it must be good”) deliberately conceals the true nature of Local 600’s corporate status —currently our status is that of a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation.

The page portrays our status as that of a predatory Enron-like boogeyman in a cynical attempt to evoke a negative emotional reaction from you so you’ll be more likely to vote for dissolution.

Don’t be manipulated.

Look at a definition of exactly the type of corporation we are:

Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation — A mutual benefit nonprofit corporation is formed solely for the benefit of its members. An example of a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation is a golf club. Individuals pay to join the club, memberships may be bought and sold, and any property owned by the club is distributed to its members if the club dissolves. The club can decide, in its corporate bylaws, how many members to have, and who can be a member. If there is a dispute as to how a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation is being operated, it is up to the members to resolve the dispute since the corporation exists to solely serve the needs of its membership and not the general public.


The Dissolution Referendum is an attempt to destroy Local 600’s autonomy and consolidate control of the International Cinematographer’s Guild by the International Alliance, effectively discarding 57 years of member protections afforded by California law as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation.

IA attorneys and representatives would prefer not to be subject to the legal constraints or liabilities of California Corporate membership protections in instances when decisions were made to violate the rights of our members and should be the last to be considered beacons of truth.

Please take the time to fill out your ballot and send it in ASAP.

Vote No on Dissolution

— Paul V. Ferrazzi —