A Letter To The Local 600 Executive Board

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

written by Kristin Glover

Dear Fellow NEB Members,

I am writing to make an appeal to you – some of whom I’ve known for many years – regarding the NEB meeting planned for tomorrow, Saturday, February 19th, 2011:

As one of the 6 original “complainants” in the 2010 election protests that were eventually presented to the Department of Labor (DOL),  several duly elected NEB officers including myself, have been singled out to be prevented from participating in the Executive Session, dealing with the decisions coming down from the DOL.  We’ve been asked to recuse ourselves from that meeting and several of us have declined that request.

And here’s why:
I called the DOL yesterday to speak with a DOL attorney with whom I’ve been in communication – her name is Sharon Hanley.
She advised me that:

  1. I am duly elected and as such, have every right to attend any and all NEB meetings.
  2. Because the DOL has taken the position of “Plaintive” in our cases (ie, none of the 6 complainants is any longer a “plaintive” in the cases), that we 6 cannot be singled out and expelled from any NEB meeting (including an executive session) due to allegedly having “interest adverse to Local 600”.

I also spoke with a Constitutional attorney today who explained that the Local would be on shaky ground to try to expel a duly elected officer from any board meeting.

When I related this information given to me from the DOL attorney to NED Bruce Doering today, he said he’d never heard of her and “She’s wrong.”

I have to rely on her expertise and so I intend to be present at the meeting tomorrow and hope and pray that all of you will use your own individual capacities of reason to decide what’s best.  I’m told you will be asked to vote whether to “allow” several of us duly elected NEB members to be seated in the executive session.  You will be told that expelling us is just and protects Local 600’s interests.  You will be heavily influenced to vote to exclude us.
And in executive session, you will likely be given a narrow point of view about the complexities that comprise the DOL cases – you deserve better than that – and I hope you demand it.

Further, in the interest of true union democracy, I urge the board to request a secret ballot in all voting procedures that happen tomorrow – in order to insure complete freedom in voting.

Sincerely and In Solidarity,

Kristin Glover
NEB, IA Convention Delegate

p.s.  FYI, I also learned from conversations with 2 DOL attorneys this week and last that the DOL considers Local 600 and the IA’s “retroactive enforcement of the Working at the Trade Ruling illegal” by LMRDA standards governing elections.  Although they found that, in their opinion, it only affected 2 members, still, it is important for Local 600 to acknowledge that it enforced the ruling prematurely and therefore, illegally.

Certainly this calls into question the judgement of the Election Committee, Attorney Adelstein, International President Matt Loeb, and others who helped oversee the election process.

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