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Local 600 Election Rerun: FAQ

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

In case you had any questions here is the indisputable FAQ of the June 2011 re-run of the 2010 Local 600 Election, Western Region D.P./VFX Supervisor category.

Q: Why is Local 600 re-running the election for Western Region DP candidates for the National Executive Board?
A: Because the leadership of Local 600 agreed to do so, under threat of a civil action brought by the Federal Department of Labor (DOL).

Q: Why?
A: After a lengthy investigation, the DOL found probable cause that Local 600 violated Federal labor law.

Q: How did Local 600 break Federal labor law?
A: By illegally applying a new “Working-at-the-Trade” rule RETROACTIVELY in the 2010 election.

Q: What’s wrong with that?  Read more…


Local 600: Totalitarian Uniformity or Democratic Unity

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Kristin Glover

Dear Members,

Below is a statement I made at our March 12th – once a year – membership meeting. In rereading the notes I’d jotted down before speaking that day, I find that I had quite a bit of clarity about how I see our union and, in particular, our National Executive Board and those who run the union.

So, I am posting this on Viewfinder Redux, where members can read “alternative views” and I am sending it to the entire board, prior to our upcoming meeting, in hopes of stimulating a more open dialogue.

March 12, 2011.

Food for Thought

One of our “weaknesses” was described (by President Poster) as “arguing amongst our selves”. Translation: “debate is strongly discouraged and will be cut off as soon as possible.”

If the union leadership requires unquestioning allegiance by all and unquestioning acceptance of all of their plans, ideas, etc., then they tread into the dangerous ground of becoming a kind of dictatorship – even if it’s meant to be benevolent.  Read more…

Response to Attack on Haskell Wexler

June 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Post written by Kristin Glover

Dear Local 600 Membership,

One week ago you received an e-mail message: subject: “An Urgent Message from Local 600 Executive Board Candidates”

This is my response to those nine members:

Dear Lloyd Ahern, Allen Daviau, John Flinn III, Michael Goi, Stephen Lighthill, Donald A. Morgan, Michael O’Shea, Mark Weingartner and Lisa Wiegand,

How sad to see the nine of you falling over each other to sign on to a specious and error filled attack on one of the greatest human beings ever to grace our industry, much less our union. What disturbs me most, in addition to the mean spirited (cloaked in back handed compliments) attack on Haskell Wexler, is the fact that none of you bothered to check the facts. You believe what you are fed by those at the helm of Local 600. Haven’t you figured out by now that they have ulterior motives?

Hell, the leadership of the IA and Local 600 – (with the exception of the Gary Dunham presidency) – have been trying to silence Haskell Wexler (and others) for decades! Gosh, they actually “lost” the Brent’s Rule petitions (they mysteriously “disappeared” out of the safe in the Local 659 Office) when the issue was hot and Haskell was leading the charge to protect our members from life-threatening long hours. But the IA (and the producers) would have none of that. They have stopped at nothing to keep him, and those who support the “12 On 12 Off” principle, from accomplishing the goal of safe working conditions for film crews. Oh… our so-called leaders will tap dance around the issue – but in fact, they’ve buried it. That’s the way they want it.

As for the letter from the “Gang of Nine”, it is so filled with obfuscations, misinformation, and outright lies, that it’s hard to know where to begin.   Read more…