Local 600 Election Rerun: FAQ

In case you had any questions here is the indisputable FAQ of the June 2011 re-run of the 2010 Local 600 Election, Western Region D.P./VFX Supervisor category.

Q: Why is Local 600 re-running the election for Western Region DP candidates for the National Executive Board?
A: Because the leadership of Local 600 agreed to do so, under threat of a civil action brought by the Federal Department of Labor (DOL).

Q: Why?
A: After a lengthy investigation, the DOL found probable cause that Local 600 violated Federal labor law.

Q: How did Local 600 break Federal labor law?
A: By illegally applying a new “Working-at-the-Trade” rule RETROACTIVELY in the 2010 election.

Q: What’s wrong with that? 
A: Laws and rules cannot penalize people for actions prior to that law’s existence. The DOL states that such retroactive application of new rules is a breach of Title IV of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).

Q: I got an e-mail from nine DPs who said that the DOL ruled that the “Working-at-the-Trade” requirement was “reasonable and fair.” Is that the government’s ruling?
A: No.

Q: If it were “reasonable and fair,” why do we have to re-do the election?
A: Because the RETROACTIVE application of the rule wasn’t “reasonable and fair.” To the contrary, it was illegal. The DOL deemed it a violation of the law that Local 600 would have to remedy by holding a new election.

Q: Why are these nine DPs/VFX Supervisors trying to belittle Haskell’s reputation?
A: Because they want to distract you, by using lies and misinformation to falsely “blame the victim” rather than admit to you that Local 600 broke Federal labor law.

Q: Where did the nine signers of that e-mail get their information about Haskell’s work history and retirement status?
A: Not from Haskell! And unfortunately, Haskell is not given equal access to Local 600’s information on the status of the other candidates in this election! Apparently, any member’s personal information is “fair game” when it comes to politics at Local 600.

Q: I heard that Haskell is the only reason this election is being re-run – is that true?
A: No. Haskell is just one of the DPs affected by this retroactive application; you can read the DOL’s statement here that the election must be re-run – regardless of any particular candidate’s position.

Q: What did Haskell do?
A: He ran for office, was illegally disqualified, and then stood up for his rights under Federal labor law: the rights of you and every member of Local 600.

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