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A Member Comments On The Independent Audit Report

May 3, 2010 Leave a comment


I read the whole report and agree 100% with you. So why is Poster running unopposed?

My god $600,000 for a computer system. Let’s say the “Custom” software is $200,000 that would leave $400,000 to purchase 200 $2,000 computers. Are you kidding me?

Also to pay for someone’s car repairs really pisses me off.

To become a non-profit organization would really fuel the fire. Ah NO Accountability!!!

Doug, I think you should run for President and start getting a grip on our Union. It seems that our Union has become the Federal Government bloated, runaway spending, and no accountability.

Ken Wilcox
Director of Photography


Replies to Excerpts from Steven Poster’s Website

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

These quotes (in red) are the three main “Bullet Points” from Steven Poster’s Blog homepage, bragging of his accomplishments since stealing the office of Local 600 Presidency in 2006.

The responses (in black) are mine.

Douglas C. Hart,

First Camera Assistant, Eastern Region

– In the past year we have held 27 hands-on training events across the Country – No other IA Local does that!

No other Local has had the technological changes in their craft, to NEED such training.

And every one of these Local 600 Training events has been used as much as a political campaign opportunity by the Poster administration, as it has been used to train our members.

First of all, President Poster makes these Training events seem like his original idea alone, when in fact, two past administrations also held Training events.    Read more…