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Response to Attack on Haskell Wexler

June 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Post written by Kristin Glover

Dear Local 600 Membership,

One week ago you received an e-mail message: subject: “An Urgent Message from Local 600 Executive Board Candidates”

This is my response to those nine members:

Dear Lloyd Ahern, Allen Daviau, John Flinn III, Michael Goi, Stephen Lighthill, Donald A. Morgan, Michael O’Shea, Mark Weingartner and Lisa Wiegand,

How sad to see the nine of you falling over each other to sign on to a specious and error filled attack on one of the greatest human beings ever to grace our industry, much less our union. What disturbs me most, in addition to the mean spirited (cloaked in back handed compliments) attack on Haskell Wexler, is the fact that none of you bothered to check the facts. You believe what you are fed by those at the helm of Local 600. Haven’t you figured out by now that they have ulterior motives?

Hell, the leadership of the IA and Local 600 – (with the exception of the Gary Dunham presidency) – have been trying to silence Haskell Wexler (and others) for decades! Gosh, they actually “lost” the Brent’s Rule petitions (they mysteriously “disappeared” out of the safe in the Local 659 Office) when the issue was hot and Haskell was leading the charge to protect our members from life-threatening long hours. But the IA (and the producers) would have none of that. They have stopped at nothing to keep him, and those who support the “12 On 12 Off” principle, from accomplishing the goal of safe working conditions for film crews. Oh… our so-called leaders will tap dance around the issue – but in fact, they’ve buried it. That’s the way they want it.

As for the letter from the “Gang of Nine”, it is so filled with obfuscations, misinformation, and outright lies, that it’s hard to know where to begin.   Read more…


On Local 600’s Special NEB

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Douglas  Hart

Brothers and Sisters –

I was elected, as were all of you, to the National Executive Board of ICG Local 600.  I have been a board member or officer for 33 of my 36 years a member of Local 644, 666, & 600, winning those posts in approximately 20 elections since 1974.

I was invited to this Special NEB meeting with an email, as an ELECTED NEB Member, as were all of you.  I replied by FAX that I would be attending, which is my right under the Const. & BL of ICG Local 600, as an ELECTED NEB member.

Also in that meeting notice was the REQUEST that NEB members who filed protests to the 2010 ICG 600 Election were being asked to recuse themselves from this Special NEB.

Since there is nothing in the ICG Local 600 C&BL, and nothing in the IATSE Intl. C&BL, and nothing in Federal Law that would allow an ELECTED NEB member to be excluded from attending or voting at ANY Regular or Special NEB Meeting, I have chosen NOT to recuse myself from this or ANY other NEB meeting.           Read more…