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A Letter to Mark Weingartner

May 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Brother Weingartner –

I saw your email sent from Steven Poster’s email service.

I thought I should send you a copy of my recent Independent Audit Report, because apparently you haven’t actually read it.

Click here for Doug Hart’s Post on his Independent Audit Report

As you can see from reading my Report, NOWHERE in my report is there ANY criticism of the Training Program at ICG 600, that you are largely responsible for, or of you personally.

The ICG Training isn’t even mentioned in the report, except to point out that unnecessary travel by unnecessary Officers and Staff was adding tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of ICG Training.  This is NOT criticism of the Training itself, only of those individuals abusing that Training.

What there is a lot of in my Independent Audit Report, is criticism of Brothers Poster and Giltin and a few others, for making the very successful ICG Training Program a political and personal self-aggrandizing campaign tool for themselves, getting every possible political advantage from something that should be totally above and without politics, and it was, until Steven Poster took power.    Read more…