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Local 600: Totalitarian Uniformity or Democratic Unity

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Kristin Glover

Dear Members,

Below is a statement I made at our March 12th – once a year – membership meeting. In rereading the notes I’d jotted down before speaking that day, I find that I had quite a bit of clarity about how I see our union and, in particular, our National Executive Board and those who run the union.

So, I am posting this on Viewfinder Redux, where members can read “alternative views” and I am sending it to the entire board, prior to our upcoming meeting, in hopes of stimulating a more open dialogue.

March 12, 2011.

Food for Thought

One of our “weaknesses” was described (by President Poster) as “arguing amongst our selves”. Translation: “debate is strongly discouraged and will be cut off as soon as possible.”

If the union leadership requires unquestioning allegiance by all and unquestioning acceptance of all of their plans, ideas, etc., then they tread into the dangerous ground of becoming a kind of dictatorship – even if it’s meant to be benevolent.  Read more…


A Letter To The Local 600 Executive Board

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Kristin Glover

Dear Fellow NEB Members,

I am writing to make an appeal to you – some of whom I’ve known for many years – regarding the NEB meeting planned for tomorrow, Saturday, February 19th, 2011:

As one of the 6 original “complainants” in the 2010 election protests that were eventually presented to the Department of Labor (DOL),  several duly elected NEB officers including myself, have been singled out to be prevented from participating in the Executive Session, dealing with the decisions coming down from the DOL.  We’ve been asked to recuse ourselves from that meeting and several of us have declined that request.

And here’s why: Read more…

To The Members Of Local 600

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Haskell Wexler

I was nominated for various offices at the recent Local 600 election.  I accepted the NEB nomination.

Weeks later, an election committee ruled me ineligible.  Reason given: Haskell is not “Working in the Trade.”

I believe the rule as applied is unfair, illegal and discriminatory, not only to me but to many other members.  My union remedies were exhausted when President Loeb chose not to exercise his waiver.

Now my case, along with others, is part of legal dealings between Department of Labor lawyers and Adelstein.  You can read my full correspondence with President Loeb, as well as my letter of protest to the Department of Labor.      Read more…

Local 600 Gets Off With A Slap On The Wrist

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

written by Kristen Glover


Yes, this was BIG NEWS to me – when I spoke with the federal Department of Labor (DOL) attorneys on February 8th 2011. Apparently, the Local 600 Election Committee under the guidance of Local 600’s attorney David Adelstein, the Local 600 Officers, the National Executive Director (NED), and International President Matt Loeb, neglected to note or find out that enforcing the newly adopted rule (adopted to our Constitution and By Laws in the fall of 2009) retroactively was forbidden by LMRDA laws governing union elections.

I find this news quite shocking. I protested the ruling as unfair in its face, as it disproportionately discriminates against women, minorities, and older members – but was unaware that Local 600 had pulled a fast one by choosing to enforce it retroactively. It’s a ruling that requires 3 years qualification time – and it was created in 2009 and then enforced in February of 2010 – thus working backwards to Feb of 2007 – thus creating the illegal retroactive enforcement.          Read more…

“We Are A Union” by Haskell Wexler

May 4, 2010 1 comment

Ballots are out for local 600’s Union election.

Sorry … “Guild” ballots.

No so long ago, three regional locals combined to unite us, to make our Union stronger.

Yet our first National President, George Dibie, proclaimed us to be a Guild. A “classier” name, he said. Bruce Doering agreed and defended his 1/4 million dollar salary as being more appropriate for the executive director of a Guild — a title that would “encourage producers to give him respect.”

The new Guild — rather than incorporating the hard-fought gains enjoyed by the East Coast and Midwest locals — expended its capital to prove to producers that Guilds are nicer than Unions. Studios and mega-corporations are “our industry” and, to benefit them, we need to be “industry friendly”. Or so the story goes.

Just as pre-industrial guilds were organizations of craftsmen, existing solely to serve the feudal lords, our pretend “union” now exists to provide skilled workers to the industry under pay and conditions that may vary according to whatever is “in the budget”.    Read more…

Your Right To Run For Office

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The IATSE Convention of 2009 in Orlando, Florida brought with it more exclusionary changes to our union. As members’ rights are poised to be reduced by the so called “Green Ballot”, your rights have already been severely curtailed by a vote pushed through by Steven Poster and Eastern Region Director Chaim Kantor at the IA Convention.

Several of us (now officially named as the evil CDU’ers) spoke out against a new Constitution and By Laws amendment on the Convention floor. Of course, we were reviled by Poster, Kantor and others – as it is their dearest wish to make Local 600 more and more exclusionary – a nice little club… for the chosen few. First class airfare anyone???

In brief, the amendment requires that only “working members” – can run for office. That’s the broad stroke. Federal labor law stipulates that one must be “a member in good standing” and that’s it. As you’ll read the text of the amendment, you’ll see that the hoops you must now jump through in order to qualify to run for office will make it more and more difficult for many members.

Please take a few minutes to read the following text. It will make it clear. Read more…

Poster’s Committee System Is Corrupt To The Core

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment


As President of Local 600, Poster gets to create the committees, hand picking each individual member.

Since his rise to power, he has removed all progressives from any committee chair positions, and has removed anyone he sees as a potential “threat” to his agenda, from any committee where they might effectively oppose his and Bruce Doering’s and David Adelstein’s plans (David Adelstein is ICG’s legal counsel..

Progressives are relegated to a “lesser” committee, such as the Green Committee. I was put on it and thought, well, I like the idea of a Green Committee, let’s see what we can do, but when we came up with some great ideas to present to the IA Convention, they were stonewalled by Poster/Doering/Adelstein – as potentially “dangerous” to the IA.

So, we did nothing and then, several months later, the IA came out with a Green newsletter.  Read more…